naikii stands for natural, naked and kind.


Natural ingredients for beautiful scents, naked of artifice, kind to you and the environment.


We’ve developed naikii to be a choice. You can buy them because you like the ethos, but stay with them because they smell great and make you feel great.




We have an ‘Open Window’ policy. That means that we are happy to answer any questions, any time. We hold a Question & Answer session on Instagram Live every week. You can type in any question you want answered or any suggestions you might have on how we could improve and we’ll try and answer all of them. If we can’t cover your question or suggestion in the session, we’ll email or DM you the answer. If we don’t get any questions, we’ll just talk about the product and our manufacturing process anyway!



We believe that influence should be earned, not bought. We do not pay influencers to promote naikii, so if someone you respect says they like it, we haven’t paid them to do so.



Just no. EU regulations forbid it, but there are some countries that demand it if you want to sell there. Until that changes, we won’t sell any of our products in those countries.



We use raw naturals and natural isolates. If you look at our labels you might see words like isobutyl phenelacetate and phenethyl alcohol on our labels as well as ones like Citrus Aurantium Flower Oil. They are molecules that have been isolated from natural ingredients. They stop the perfume from smelling muddy and give a bit of sparkle and air between the gorgeous essential oils and extracts.


There is a misconception about natural products. A lot of people equate natural with safe. There are a lot of natural substances that are toxic; hemlock and arsenic to name but two! Our goal was to provide a product that was natural and safe.

And while we’re on that subject…


Substances like Linaool, Geraniol, d-Limonene and many others are natural constituents of essential oils. They are part of what makes the oils smell so good. A small number of people have reported skin sensitivities to them. We list all our allergens in the list of ingredients on the label. They are present in tiny quantities in our products (you can tell this because they are at the end of the list of ingredients). All companies selling in the EU are required to do this, but we’d do it anyway. We trust you to make an informed choice.





We use clear, glass bottles.  They are the most readily recyclable kind.  Take the perfume pump off the bottle (be careful) and recycle.


We don’t print on the bottles, but use uncoated paper printed in vegan inks, stuck on with vegan glue.  We didn’t want to use normal glue for labels which can contain gelatin or casein and we made the decision to stay away from vinyl (plastic) labels.


Our perfume caps are made from Cork from Portugal and made especially for us by Puretree in Devon.  Most perfume caps have a plastic inner that sits on the perfume pump.  We found that with the cork, we could do away with that if we manufactured them ourselves.  Cork is a quick growing, rapidly renewable and incredibly sustainable material. 


These are made of aluminium (or aluminum if you’re American).  They do contain some plastic in the mechanism and the dip tube.  We are actively looking for a manufacturer who can make these parts from bioplastic, but we are yet to find one.  If you know of someone, don’t keep us in the dark!